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Our Excellence

Our Excellence
The benefits of Sauna & Steam rooms are often overlooked by many who see them as simply a way to relax and unwind. Although Sauna and Steam rooms are known to relax both your body and mind they also have many other benefits which are often ignored by users.

1.) Clears the Skin: The Steam helps to clear skin impurities and can potentially be used to treat acne. It also helps to improve circulation throughout the body which can give the skin a healthy glow making your skin look and feel great.

2.) Relieves Tension: The heat from the sauna soothes your nerve endings and also relaxes your muscles. A less well known benefit of saunas and steam rooms is that they can minimize joint pain, as well as minimizing the pain of headaches due to the high heat enviroment.

3.) Removes Toxins: The heat from sauna and steam rooms makes your body sweat. Sweating relieves the body of waste products, and it is known that sitting in a sauna or steam room for around twenty minutes can rid the body of the day's sweat and waste products.

4.) Reduces Stress: The heat from the sauna causes the body to release endorphin's and other 'feel good' chemicals that reduce the feeling of stress on the body. Many people feel rejuvenated and calm after they leave sauna and steam rooms, and are ready to tackle the rest of the day.

5.) Post-workout Relaxation: Post exercise muscles are in desperate need of relaxation in order to promote quick and healthy recovery. When your muscles are relaxed this recovery process which is vital for muscle gains is expedited and your muscles grow more quickly.

6.) Can Aid Weight Loss: Frequent visits to the steam room or saunas can potentially aid in weight loss as it is well known it can get rid of water weight. It is important to note however that this is not in replace of a balanced diet and exercise, and instead something to be used alongside both.

7.) Opens Sinuses: Heat from saunas and steam rooms opens and thins the mucus membranes all around your body. Many people can notice their loosening mucus and can immediately breath easier when they first enter a steam room or sauna. With this in mind saunas and steam rooms can also be used to aid colds, as they can stop blocked sinuses and help aid breathing.

8.) Promotes Healthy Blood Flow: The bodies capillaries dilate when they are exposed to the heat of the sauna or steam room which allows blood to flow freely and easily throughout the body, transporting oxygen to all areas of the body which needs it.

9.) Can Increase Flexibility: Regularly stretching stiff muscles before entering a sauna or steam room can lead to the heat penetrating your tired and stiff muscles making them more fluid and loose.

10.) It Can be Fun!: Going to the sauna or steam room is not something that has to be done alone. It is something that can be fun and social with friends, as it allows you to time talk and interact while receiving multiple health benefits.

Here at Sport Aston we have both a Sauna and Steam Room open to everybody 7 days a week.

Our Advantage

Our Advantage

Steam will transform you, lift you above the stress of your day, and leave you feeling and looking better.
Your in-home steam shower will be an oasis of comfort and luxury you’ll look forward to every day.

Steam soothes sore, tired muscles, and helps release the tensions of your day.
Steam will help you get to sleep faster, sleep soundly and wake feeling refreshed.
Steam promotes muscular flexibility. You’ll stretch,
move and work out with greater ease and comfort.

Steam fuels blood flow, banishes impurities from your body and is great for detoxification.
Steam can provide relief for allergies, arthritis, asthma or other recirculatory and circulatory problems.

Steam hydrates dry skin with warm, penetrating moisture. Steam opens your pores,
bringing nutrients to the surface and enhancing collagen production.
Steam lessens the effects of aging by helping your skin stay soft and smooth.


STEAMERS INDIA has transitioned from the limits of conformity to the limitless spheres of innovation.
Through resource and experience, STEAMERS INDIA has diversified its operation to offer seamless,
end-to-end frameless glass, steam, sauna and spa manufacture, installation and service.
We pride ourselves as being leaders in our industry and revered for our expertise as well as installation quality.

To honour our promises, through up-to-date resources, seamless processes and cutting-edge innovation.

Over 15 Years Experience!
We've been in this industry since 2004. Over 15 years, that's a wealth of experience.

1 Year Full Guarantee!
We offer you a full 1 year guaranty on all fittings and workmanship.

Customized Service
Were proud of our customer service that meets your individual needs.

Our prices are competitive and provide you with the best value for quality & workmanship.

Our Products
We have a wide range of innovative, high quality products that are untouchable.

We pride ourselves in being innovators. Always introducing up-to-date and innovative product that revolutionize the industry.

We're Not Imitators.
As the Leader in the industry we have original products designed and developed by STEAMERS INDIA

We service the whole of PAN INDIA, as well as neighboring countries.
Save time! Get the Best Deal

*Your information is safe with us.

Our Strengths

Our Strengths
Thank You for choosing Steamers India for health, beauty and relaxation.
Now you can enjoy your own private sanctuary in the comfort of your own home.
Let your stress melt away as you relax in your state of the art Steam Room.
For Centuries people have recognized the health benefits of Steam and saunas.
Leave your stress behind and enter a world of total relaxation, ridding you
of pain, toxins, and sore muscles as well as increasing your blood
circulation etc., leaving your skin glowing.

Besides these physical effects, a Steamers India Session will leave you
totally relaxed by providing you a peaceful and relaxing environment
away from all.

Our advanced technology, engineering, and product development provides
Steam Generators that enhance the lifestyles of people.

Steamers India is continuously refining, updating and developing their
products assuring the optimum quality and performance of their products.
Working with the industries top engineers we have developed the most
efficient, dependable and highest quality products.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process
"We produce and sell the highest quality products that satisfy even the most demanding customers. We are proud to be the innovator in the field.“
With Best Sales and After sales service

STEAMES INDIA have a strong sense of social responsibility and insist on manufacturing high-quality and efficient products to our customers

Our Business Philosophy

Our Business Philosophy

Steamers India specialise in the supply of the latest luxury bathroom Spa Eqquipement ideas, coming mainly from Great from Europian concepts.

Beautiful bathroom styling is important to us. We only select the best designer Spa room in the latest contemporary styles, that are suitable for top end and luxury bathroom design. We know design is one thing, but beautiful luxury bathroom product quality is more important to us and we would never select a lovely looking fitting, if the build quality was just not there. We know it is important, that when our customers open their deliveries that design and quality should exceed their expectations

We offer a full range of Steam bath, Sauna bath, Jacuzzi massage tubs, Shower enclsoure, Steam shower equipment including shower trays , frameless Steam and shower enclosures with all the luxury shower accessories required, including shower heads and shower valve controls.

For wet rooms we offer all the equipment required, including installation systems with wet room shower trays, glass wetroom screens, Steam and shower enclosures plus all wet room accessories and sundries required.

We also offer Chill shower , Civil constructed Jacuzzi, Plunge Pools, as well as a full range of home and bathroom Instant water heating and beautiful traditional and contemporary heated towel rails. In fact we can supply all your bathroom design ideas needed to complete your interior design project.

Whatever your bathroom or interior requirements we at Steamers India have a great team of experts that can talk through your individual requirements and give you the ins and outs on each and every required product and we can also give knowledgeable building advice on the building process that you may encounter.

If you do order from us you can rest assured you will receive our best service. We can also offer a dedicated person to your particular project.

To talk your project though or answer any of your sales and technical queries please CALL +91 98222 69769